Friday, February 24, 2012

More Moments to Remember

Mom Baker was very focused on doing her exercises both with her physical therapist three days a week, and with her occupational therapist two days a week. This made for a very busy schedule, especially considering that she wanted to do them on her own as well, which really impressed me! We were glad to be able to witness first hand how hard she was working to regain her strength, stamina, balance and use of her right arm, following her accident. Not many patients have such a sweet smile while doing their exercises!

Before we headed back to Wake Forest, we wanted to accompany Mom for her MRI. Once again, she followed the directions to a tee and laid perfectly still in that big donut hole. At 104 pounds fully dressed, she had a tad more room than EZ does for his MRIs! We were pleased to find out that she does not have a torn right rotator cuff as expected, but simply has some nerve damage and immobility that should come back over time if she uses her arm and doesn't "baby" it.

EZ and his Dad always enjoy their time together, walking on the land, solving computer problems, working on projects, or just talking. Dad also loves dessert after dinner, so I had to have him try Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings. They were a hit!

Before we knew it, over a week had passed by and we had to head home for medication refills, doctor appointments, and other commitments. We always treasure the time we have with our folks and are so grateful to be a part of their lives. Until next time, have a blessed weekend everybody!


  1. She sure is a good patient! I love the pictures of her doing her physical therapy!

  2. wow! now i know where mr baker has gotten his smile through all the things he has endured too. awesome. so glad you guys could go help out for a bit. i know they loved it.

  3. Looks like EZ's fighting spirit come from a solid family... Great story and Great pictures...


  4. What a terrific pic of EZ and his parents. Sunny smiles all around. Love it!

  5. what cute pictures of her being well discplined! it is always so nice to see people that are listening to doctor's orders and are doing all they can do at home. that is great news that her rotator cuff is not torn.