Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall + Mountains = BREATHTAKING!

We are delighted to be spending the week with EZ's parents in beautiful Black Mountain, NC. Though we are probably about a week or so too late for peak leaf color, it is still absolutely breathtaking. I wish the pictures did the mountains justice, but guess you will just have to believe me when I say it is gorgeous here. The sky has been cloudless and Carolina blue, the air perfectly cool and crisp, and the trees all shades of orange, yellow, green and red. We snapped these shots today as we walked to a scenic overlook, all  on Baker property. We will never get over the magnificence of the mountains, the enormity of the boulders scattered throughout, or the beautiful color palette displayed...all the work of a mighty Creator. We stand amazed...

Fall is quickly becoming our favorite season. For those of you who don't experience much of a change, just live vicariously through us and enjoy!


  1. Wow! Looks beautiful! Nathan and Natalie keep asking when we are going to Grammy and Pop-Pop's mountain again! Sure wish we were with you! Miss you!

  2. WOW - it looks gorgeous. When Ernie said on my blog post which included my 20th of the month photos that you were going to Boone for the weekend I thought how crazy it was that I said I took Bud for a 'tootle in the WOOD' when you were going somewhere with proper forests! ;D