Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Blessing of Friendships that Stand the Test of Time

EZ and I first met Shelley and Butch when we both lived in Florida, attended the same church, and our husbands worked for IBM. Eventually we were both transferred to Raleigh and once again became members of the same church, and picked up where we left off. Our lives have been intertwined through the years in many different ways, from bible studies, to weddings, to work, to kids at ASU, to funerals for parents, to the births of grandchildren, and even cancer survivorship. We love and appreciate their friendship so very much and are thrilled that not only do we both live in the Raleigh area, but we also both have places in Boone and are now retired! Seems like we were rarely ever here at the same time until this week, so we made the most of it and got together multiple times to walk our dogs and share a meal. 

First they had us over for dinner at their place. Butch grilled a delicious marinated "Tri-Tip" roast, and paired with Silver Queen corn on the cob and some fresh cantaloupe...YUM! Their view of Grandfather Mountain is spectacular, so of course we had to snap some pics. 

Next, we ladies took a break from cooking and all went out to a small local restaurant here in Boone, right down by the college. It is known for certain signature dishes such as macaroni and cheese, fried catfish, waffles with fried chicken and a peach/turkey bacon compote (say what?), and peach cobbler with vanilla ice of course we had to give them a try. Everything was delicious!

Last night we had them over for dinner and a campfire. I made Pioneer Woman's Pasta Carbonara for the first time and we all loved it. Will have to use her pictures...we gobbled ours up before I snapped a single photo...oops! Dessert was PW Apple Dumplings, and of course, S'mores by the campfire!


The guys got a blazing fire going and we relaxed and talked about life together over the past 25+ years.  Note EZ  is SITTING by the campfire for the first time (and the guys look much more pensive than the girls)!

Thanks to Shelley and Butch for a fun three days! Looking forward to making many more great memories in the years to come.



  1. We had a terrific time with you all too. Thrilled to be "featured " on your blog! Love you both!

  2. That looks like the perfect visit... and yummm on all that foood. Ps... awesome to see Big EZ SITTING by the fire!!!!!

  3. Truly wonderful friends... so glad that you all got to spend so much time together!!!

  4. what a wonderful trip for you all. Such dear friends for sure!

  5. SO FUN! I'm so glad it worked out where you were both in town and got to spend some quality time just the two couples.

  6. So happy that you got to spend some time with Shelley and Butch! They have been the BEST friends to you all, and I love them dearly. You also got some great photographs too!