Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day in Black Moutain

EZ, Nick and I headed west on Friday to spend Father's Day weekend with his folks. The weekend was special not only because it was Father's Day, but also because EZ's mom turned 88 today, and we could celebrate both occasions. Before we left, these two appeared in our backyard to send us off!

We arrived in record time for some reason, and were greeted by EZ's mom and one of her sweet caregivers, Valerie.

We enjoyed a wonderful spaghetti dinner before I snapped a single picture. The homemade sauce and meatballs were lovingly made for us on Thursday by Lisa, another one of Mom's sweet, sweet caregivers who actually lives on the property, and everything was DELICIOUS! Many thanks to Lisa, who used  her Italian heritage to totally spoil us.

There are always projects to do up on the mountain, and sometimes they involve wonderful "boy toys". EZ actually drove this tractor around cutting the grass on smaller roads on the property for a good couple of hours! I was amazed he could sit (and walk the next day), but he leaned back a bit and loved every minute of it! (I wasn't in the woods to snap a picture unfortunately)

We ladies stayed busy in the kitchen preparing the big celebration Father's Day/Birthday meal, starting with the baking of a homemade red velvet cake with cream cheese/butter frosting!

I picked these gorgeous Easter lilies in the yard, which made a nice centerpiece for our Birthday Girl to enjoy...and they smelled so good!

Of course we were stuffed after this "special request" meal, so it was time to take a walk! Love this picture of EZ and his sweet how he cares for her.

This is Nick in the woods searching for a dam he and cousin Matt made as kids. It's still there! Note the moss covered rocks in the foreground...that's it. Lots of childhood memories in these woods for Nick.

 It was a perfect night for a swing on the front porch before we had cake and opened presents.

So thankful for 88 wonderful years of life! We decided 8 candles would represent well enough.

 Sinfully rich (trying to put a little weight on the birthday girl)!

Dad opened his Father's Day cards and gifts after dinner as well.

Dad showing Nick a map of the property he had been riding the four wheeler on over the weekend.

Three generations of Baker boys!

Lee and Erna and well at 89 and 88! What a blessing to celebrate Father's Day and Mom's birthday together.


  1. I love the picture of EZ and his Mom walking together. What great (and delicious) memories!!

  2. Wow, what a great weekend! Loved all the special touches and time spent with Grammy and Pop-Pop!

  3. Looks like the perfect weekend. So glad y'all were able to go up!