Friday, June 10, 2011

EZ Update...And The Trifle That Did Not Disappoint!

So happy to report that after three weekly visits to the CCNC and EZ's oncologist to monitor his pneumonia, he is all clear! The prayers, Levaquin, inhaler, Mucinex, cough medicine and much rest, worked to keep him out of the hospital and allow his body to heal. We are now relaxing for a week in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, where the temperatures are nice and cool, the birds are chirping, and the setting is rejuvenating our spirits! Thank you for the many prayers for Ernie's recovery...once again they have been answered and we feel blessed.

EZ and Nick got us all packed with barely enough room for the dogs!
And...some of you may remember my post about the Trifle Berry Cake. A few of you said you've always wanted to make one, so here is your chance. I finally put mine together today and it did not disappoint. What a great presentation it makes! Here are a few step by step pictures to show you just how easy it is to beat the heat with this easy, delicious, light dessert:

Get your strawberries and blueberries ready to mix with their respective spices and honey

Cut up your cake (in our case Angel Food) and get your whipped topping and trifle bowl ready

Start layering...whipped cream, cake, fruit

Finish with whipped cream and a big spoonful of fruit...refrigerate. Couldn't be easier!

Much to our surprise, my older brother, David, happened to be in Boone for work on Thursday, so we were able to have him come to the cabin for lunch and to sample the Trifle. He gave it his seal of approval! So good to see him, though the time went by all too quickly. Here we are with our Mom:

Have a great weekend and be sure to let me know if you try the'll be glad you did!


  1. So glad that you are having a great time and that you made the trifle!!! We'll have to do that one again :) Yummy!

  2. Looks sooooo good, I do intend to try it as soon as I get my kitchen back and can find my trifle bowl.

  3. Also so glad to hear EZ's good news of recovery without hospital, we were praying too.

  4. Great news on the lack of pneumonia especially since it's not something to trifle with - haha! Sometimes I even amuse myself ;D