Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Am My Father's Son...

This past week Linda and I spent time with my folks over near Black Mountain. Every time we go I realize all over again how much I love the same things as my dad. He always has a project list going, and this trip was no different. I love to tackle the larger projects with him, spending time with him and of course doing anything with tools. My stamina is improving and I was feeling good, so it was wonderful to be able to be outside in the mountains, using tools, and working on projects!

Here are some pictures showing how I spent some of my time:

Dad already had plans for a woodpile shed roof

James (Dad's workman) and I building the frame out of rough cut 2 x 6 s

Then adding the plywood, tar paper and corrugated aluminum.

 With a little leveling and post support, this project will be done.

I assisted dad with seeing why mom's range was overheating.

Hmmm...reading 344 degrees and set to 325 degrees

 Dad and I spending time outdoors walking on the property.

Dad hired a portable sawmill to cut up some lumber he had recently taken down.
I could watch them cut lumber!

Beautiful, clear 12" wide hemlock boards over 12 foot long.

I am so blessed to be able to spend time with my dad. At 88 years of age, he is amazing in so many ways. My engineer's mind, love of projects, tools, and being outdoors enjoying the land, are all from him. Linda often catches me saying and doing things like him. When we work on projects together grunt language will words needed. We just know what the other is thinking. Well, what should we expect as I am my father's son! He has been a hero and role model to me my whole life. Love you dad!


  1. You are your father's son... that is right! I guess I got the love for cold weather and mountains from Pop Pop too :)

    Glad you were feeling so good up there and could help Pop Pop with all his projects. Sounds like a great trip and know he appreciates your help and how much you communicate and show your love for him and Grammy!

  2. Dad,

    These pictures of you helping Pop-Pop brought such a smile to my face! I'm so glad that you were feeling good enough to work on all these things that you love so much, and to spend such good time with Pop-Pop. You are his son, for sure, but make no bones about it: you've got some of Grammy's sweetness and affection in you too :)

    Love you lots!!!!