Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MMRF Race for Research in Atlanta

For us, Multiple Myeloma has been a family affair. From day one we were in this together; learning, loving, helping, encouraging, praying, crying, putting one foot in front of the other, and giving thanks for blessing in the midst of hardship. Hence we are...Walking with Big EZ! 

We are so very proud of how our children have handled adversity, more specifically a cancer diagnosis for their Dad. It's something we never dreamed we would face, let alone seven months after losing my Dad (their Grandpa) to cancer. They have been there for Ernie every step of the way, supporting him and remaining hopeful and positive. So it shouldn't have come as a surprise when Leah, our daughter, and her husband Kyle, decided to run in MMRF (Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation) 5K Race for Research in Atlanta last Saturday morning. Our little eight month old granddaughter, Emery, went along for the ride.

Little Em thought it was the perfect time for a nap

We love their  "Dominate" t-shirts from CancerKicker.org. This was Leah's second 5K and she bettered her time by six minutes. Talk about DOMINATING!

The beautiful Atlanta skyline after the race.

Leah expressed her thoughts this way:  It was so special for both of us to run a race that funds research for a cancer that my dad will continue to fight until there is a cure.  Until then, we feel blessed that he is in "complete response" to the chemo drugs and are diligently praying he stays that way! Dad dominated the MM, so we had no other choice than to dominate that run! Love you Daddy!

Words really can't express what this meant to EZ, but our heartfelt thanks to Leah, Kyle and Emery for going out and racing for research to find a cure for MM. Our goal...walk or run it with you next year!!


  1. So proud of Leah and Ky for running this 5K! There are so many 5K's out there, but I love that this one funds research for Multiple Myeloma! Yay L, K, and E!!!

  2. Loved doing the race, and love you guys!

  3. Its so obvious you guys are so close and you have the cutest grandchildren!! :-)

  4. Bless your hearts! Words can hardly express how proud I am of you, Leah, Kyle and Emery for running this race in honor of your dad.

  5. simply amazing! So proud of the Guenther family.