Wednesday, January 4, 2012

EZ Heads to the Dean Dome

We had a great start to 2012!  Jamie and Tara had a scheduling conflict, so they were kind enough to offer us tickets to the UNC/Monmouth basketball game (courtesy of Jay Bailey) for Sunday, January 1st. We decided to give it a try, but definitely wondered if EZ would be able to sit for any part of the game, or would most of his time be spent standing/walking, catching only glimpses of what was happening on the court. Regardless, that man of mine was pretty excited to be heading to the Dean Dome, so he popped an extra pain pill and off we went.

We invited our good friends John and Barbara Carter to join us, knowing they love Carolina basketball and would understand if EZ wasn't in his seat much, or if we had to leave early. The tickets included a parking pass for the lot closest to the Dome, and admittance to a pre-game gathering in the Tarheels' Practice Facility, complete with snacks and party hats to celebrate the New Year. Thanks Jay for hooking us up!

We were thrilled to be able to walk through "the tunnel" right onto the court before heading up to our seats. You quickly realize just how tall most of those basketball players are!

This next picture is our pitiful attempt to capture ourselves sitting. We haven't yet mastered the knack of self-portraits, but had to show EZ in the seat.

Much to our surprise, EZ was able to sit for a good part of the game, except for a few laps around the Dean Dome and a trip or two to the concession stand. The Tarheels won and a great time was had by all. To top things off, they scored over 100 points, which meant Bojangles sausage biscuits for $1 the next day if you showed your ticket. Oh yeah!

It felt so good to be able to go out on a date, with another couple, and actually sit beside each other just like old times. We even went to dinner afterward and SAT at a table! Maybe "sitting" is improving and a date to the movies for the first time in two years is in our future. Oh the things we take for granted...


  1. So glad you guys had fun! And yes, maybe we can all go to a movie together sooner than later!

  2. what a great outing (even if it is to a UNC-CH game) :) So glad you all were able to spend time together.