Friday, January 27, 2012

Update: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Co-Pay Assistance Program

Linda and I just returned from the Cancer Center after again paying the doctor's co-pay. We dropped off a prescription (again), then waited (again) for it to be filled and then (again) said "yes, please" as the pharmacist (again) asked us if we wanted to use express pay for the prescription co-pay. Medical insurance covers the bulk of treatments and prescription costs, but the continuous stream of co-pays really creates a strain on any budget.  

For the past two years, I have received a grant from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Co-Pay Assistance Program. Myeloma did not make the group's title, but it is a significant part of their program. Here is a quick review of the LLS Co-Pay Assistance Program:

Approved applicants can offload/get reimbursed for certain expenses up to $10,000.00 each year. The LLS calendar year runs from July 1 to July 1 and candidates need to apply each year, but you can apply anytime during the year and coverage is retroactive back to the prior July. Candidates must meet the following guidelines to apply:
  • Candidate must have a confirmed diagnosis of  Multiple Myeloma. (Oncologist will provide this)
  • Candidate's household income needs to be at or within 500% above the U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines. (An example: A family of two has a gross income less than $72,850.00)
  • Candidate must reside in the US or Puerto Rico
  • Candidate must have prescription insurance coverage
The co-pay program provides reimbursement for: 
  • 100% of Medical Insurance Premiums
  • 100% of Medicare Insurance Premiums
  • 100% of Pharmacy Prescription Co-Pays
  • 100% of Cancer Related Doctor/Hospital/Treatment Co-Pays
If you have Multiple Myeloma and meet the guidelines, please look into this program by clicking on the following link and reading more of the details:  LLS Co-Pay Assistance Program.  It certainly has been a huge blessing to Linda and I as we try to stretch every retirement dollar and survive on disability. I hope you find this helpful and if I can be of any assistance navigating, just let me know.

Take care and have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for posting this Dad! I hope many will be able to find financial assistance through this great program that has been so helpful to you!

  2. Thank you for this reminder. It isn't something I have pursued yet I need to. While everyone was welcoming in the new year I secretly was cringing thinking about having to meet a new deductible for the year. And while worrying about having to pay for Glen's Lovenox shots (right at about $1,000) we ended up paying for a round of Thalomid instead. Ouch!!! So . . . while that was hard we can now go forward with this new year. Having 100% coverage is a blessing. Actually having any coverage is a blessing. Thanks agian, Vannette