Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve Day

There is never a question around the Baker house as to how we will spend December 31st as it is EZ's birthday! This year we treated him to some of his favorite food requests, and a day spent enjoying family. The morning began with a visit and Happy Birthday song from four very special little people, followed by breakfast that included bacon, eggs, cinnamon rolls from Tara, and some glazed KK donuts!

It was a gorgeous day, so we decided to head for a park and enjoy the great outdoors. EZ and I remember the days when Nick played soccer on these very same fields when he was Nathan's age!

Before we knew it, lunchtime was here so EZ drove us through Bojangles for another one of his favorites, chicken wings and unsweet tea.

After the kiddos (and some of the grown ups!) napped, we re-convened for some snuggles and movie time, birthday dinner, opening presents, homemade dark cherry ice cream pie, followed by our New Year's Eve toast (at 7:45!). You know we have to include some food pictures...Samantha was particularly fond of the sparkling grape juice!

What a special day we had closing out 2011. (Now back to salads and dieting.) Happy New Year everyone, and may 2012 bring you much blessing!


  1. It was a great day! Thank you for allowing us to share your whole day with you! Happy birthday Dad!

  2. Glad you had a nice end to 2011... With a Birthday and the new years all at one time, it looked like quite a party!

    Now on to 2012!!!


  3. Gigi is sorry she missed it!!!

  4. what better way to celebrate than with family all day!

  5. What a fun day and what delicious food! The pictures of the food you post always makes my mouth water! Happy Birthday EZ!