Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Manasquan and the Jersey Shore

My Aunt C.C., Mom's youngest sister, lives in Manasquan, near the shore in New Jersey. She graciously hosts us whenever we visit and I just love her little downtown, her neighborhood, the inlet, the boardwalk, and the restaurants. We were able to meet my second cousin, Lexy, for lunch early in the week, at The Sand Bar, right on the water. We all enjoyed a wonderful salad with grilled scallops, and caught up on her plans to hopefully attend ECU for nursing in the Fall. Would love to have Lexy closer!

It was overcast and turned a bit colder during our time in New Jersey, so I had to share a picture of the little pink raincoat Aunt C.C. put on her Yorkie, Chloe, to go out for her walks. What a cutie!

One sunny day I took a walk downtown and snapped a few pictures along the way...just love the houses (some with white picket fences), the flower gardens, the local Baptist church, and yes, even the water tower!

One evening we headed just up the road to nearby Spring Lake for a delicious dinner at the Black Trumpet (I ordered crab cakes and Mom & Aunt C.C. got the biggest rib eyes I have ever seen!), with a view of the ocean. The restaurant is in the front left corner of the Grand Victorian, and our table was right by the window.

After dinner I headed across the street to see the boardwalk and watch the surfers in their wet suits. The houses along this drive were so beautiful. Must be wonderful to live that close to the shore! 

And so ends another wonderful day along the shore in New Jersey. Bet you didn't know it was this pretty!


  1. Great pictorial record of your trip! Thamks for sharing.

  2. Wow it's absolutely beautiful, that food looks amazing!

  3. Yep. I knew it was this pretty! ;o) Tim's friend got married in Spring Lake. So nice there. Jersey gets a bad rap because if you drive the turnpike, you see its less-than-picture-worthy areas. In reality, we have miles of beautiful seashore with super-quaint towns(Cape May is our favorite), mountains, pinelands, and farming areas. Then, of course, you have "The Big Apple" and "Philly" at our doorstep for folks who like the city experience. There is a reason SO MANY people live in Jersey. We have a 'lil bit of everything. Great pics!

    1. Didn't get to visit Cape May on this trip, but love it, and the lobster there was delicious! The Garden State Parkway is a pretty drive north and you are absolutely right, NJ offers lots of gorgeous, diverse areas. Glad you enjoyed the pics!

  4. Yes, it is more beautiful than I imagined! And that pink raincoat on Chloe is adorable!

  5. What incredibly yummy looking food! That town is so beautiful!