Thursday, May 10, 2012

NYC and Evita!

I just love New York City with its skyscrapers, yellow taxis, billboards, theaters, restaurants, "flats", and people. We couldn't wait for Wednesday to come so we could jump on the bus and head into the city for Evita.

Who wouldn't love to ride right into the heart of the city on a bus like this, though I can't imagine anyone being brave enough to drive it in Manhattan!

The bus made it easy to just sit back and enjoy the view. Such eye candy for us NC girls! It was a beautiful day and our lady driver did an awesome job!

We were dropped off right by the theater to choose a place to have lunch, and we were so happy we chose The Renaissance. We had a perfect view of Times Square and a delicious meal before the show...isn't this view amazing?

At last it was time for us to head to the theater for Evita! It certainly did not disappoint and Ricky Martin, along with the other stars, totally entertained us.

What a wonderful day we had, with the time passing by all too quickly. Before we knew it we were hopping back on the bus and heading for New Jersey. I snapped one last picture of the skyline on the way home...always fascinating to me.


  1. What a day trip in NYC! So glad that you got to do this!!!

  2. Every day of this trip was phenomenal, but I loved Evita and our lunch overlooking Times Square. Thanks, Linda for putting it all down in your blog for us to look back on and remember. Love you! Mom