Monday, November 15, 2010

Bed Potato?

In the year or so prior to my diagnosis, my Multiple Myeloma decided to not only go the normal route of attacking the 'long bones', creating the normal bone lesions and holes in fun places like femurs, ribs, skull, etc. , but also go the plasmacytoma route. It vigorously attacked my sacrum (that triangle shaped bone that connects our spinal vertebrae to our pelvis). Weight carried by the upper skeleton is transferred to the pelvis and on to the legs bones via the sacrum. This seemingly innocuous bone also houses all the nerve roots that transition from the spinal column to the legs as well as connects the tailbone to the lower vertebrae.   In other words, when it works well, we don't even know it's there. When it has been attacked, and as one report stated 'obliterated' by the MM, things don't work as designed and it's painful!       

In my case, the upper part of the sacrum is still I can walk. However, the lower part that shielded the leg and foot nerves is MIA (missing in action).  Any upward pressure from the tailbone (sitting), bending, or twisting, and those nerves get stretched or pinched making sirens go off!

So I have two positions:  Standing or reclining. Going from one to the other often causes some wincing and whistling. At night I  "sleep in the big bed with Grandma" (I stole that quote from my grandson Nathan), then move to the hospital bed for lounging/computer work, or to the leather bed (lift chair) for some TV time.   The mobile bed (automobile with front seat fully reclined) transports us to and from the doctors and on other outings and the movie/book bed with the grand kids..

So the surveys went out, the votes came in, and I was awarded:

 How lucky can one guy get?


  1. Though you do spend a lot of time in the "laying down position," I can testify that you are extremely productive in that state!!!! You are no "bed potato" in my estimation!!! I love you!

  2. I agree with Tara, I don't think anyone could call you a "bed potato" as you are pushing your limits everyday! love you!!

  3. You still get more done as a bed potato than many people get done with a normal's day's routine!
    Hugs to you!

  4. Bed potato, couch potato, what the heck --- I'll take you any way I can! Love you Ernie!