Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Difficult, but so very thankful!

As we look back on the past 11 months, many of our memories are difficult...the day we learned that Ernie had "abnormal cells" in his sacrum, the day we learned those cells were a plasmacytoma, the day he was terminated from his job, the day we learned he had multiple myeloma, the day he was taken by ambulance to the hospital because nerve pain down his legs from the damaged sacrum prevented him from walking, 26 days bedridden in the hospital unable to sit and get to standing, pneumonia, a failed effort at using a pain pump administering insane levels of morphine, 23 chemotherapy infusions, 22 radiation treatments, and a bone marrow transplant (high dose chemo, hair loss, nausea, isolation, weakness).

Yet, in spite of all of that, we can honestly say that the past 11 months have held some of the best moments and memories of our lives...and for that we are so very thankful. What a blessing to welcome two new grandchildren this year, with another one on the way! Our family has rallied round us, loved us, cried with us, prayed with us, supported us, cheered for us, and most of all, walked with us every step of the way. Our kids have shown maturity beyond their years. We have always been very close, but we can honestly say that cancer has brought us even closer. We really can't adequately express what they mean to us. We just love them beyond words.

Samantha and Samuel arrived in February

Natalie, Tara, Samantha,Samuel, Jamie and a family of 6!

Kyle (Tyson) and Leah - parents to be

Our "undercover" granddaughter due in March

"Uncle" Nick

Mom Stout  

Dad Baker
Mom Baker
Milo and Abby - forever faithful!

Our extended family, church family, neighbors and friends have also supported and loved us in ways we never even imagined. We are blessed beyond measure. Travel back to our post entitled Love Is to see what we mean. Thank you all for everything you have done for us!

This Thanksgiving we pray you enjoy your family, friends and food, count your blessings, love one another, have a grateful heart, and choose to be an encouragement to others. Don't wait for a holiday to get started.



  1. A great post by my beautiful wife and wonderful caregiver! You are the 'sugar' that has made this year so sweet. I am the most thankful for you and praise our Lord daily for you. Love, e.

  2. What a great post, Mom! I was just telling Dad this morning that though 2010 has been hard, it has also been good. And then he said, "Have you read Mom's post yet?" Not until now, but I can tell you we think alike!!!

    Love you and love our family!!!!

  3. I say Amen to that, Tara, and echo everything you had to say. Praise the Lord for many answered prayers. Our family is truly blessed!