Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Hair today...more tomorrow!!

That's right folks....the locks they are a-coming in.   No more Mr. Clean!!
 A big thank you to Jay Humphrey for totally shaving his chrome dome in support of me since September.


  1. WOAH and to think I saw you not even 2 weeks ago and it was just starting to come in... and now I can see brown hair! Love you!

    I think it's the sweetest thing ever that Mr. Humphrey has been shaving his head this entire time. Such a good friend!

  2. Its' coming in so soft and dark!!!!! You are handsome Dad!!!

    PS. Yes, thank you to Jay! What a special friend that can start growing his hair in too!

  3. Prickly pear for sure! Jay was more than happy to shave his head with you....and he is also going to be more than happy for it to grow back out, even though he hardly lets it get more than the picture of Ernie now :)