Friday, September 9, 2011

It's All In the Family

Seems like our tee shirts/polos have a common theme these days. Here are Nick and Grandma, all ready for Wednesday night Awana Cubbies in their royal blue and red. Grandma is the oldest leader at almost 81, helps out in the classroom, and does snacks. They all lovingly call her Gigi. Nick leads a group of five from activity to activity. They are crazy about him! Tara is the Director, and Natalie and Nathan are Cubbies. I fill in when Nick or Grandma can't make it. What an amazing program this is, teaching little ones to hide God's Word in their hearts!

ASU wear also seems to be making its appearance in our family these days as football season begins (we won't mention their first game). Here are the Guenthers all decked out, which inspired EZ and I to grab some tee shirts as well. Go Mountaineers!

Have a great football weekend and may your favorite team win!


  1. love all the matching shirts!

  2. Our Kids grew up in AWANA... Many nights in the woods camping and just having fun. Looks like nothing has changed and Kids are still having fun learning about our Lord! Hope all is still going well.

  3. Such lovely smiles on this page. It is a pleasure to visit your site. What a wonderful family you have Linda.