Friday, September 23, 2011

Pinterest Recipes - I Pinned It and I Did It Six Times This Week!

For the most part, I would bet that the above print rings true (sorry it's blurry!). If you haven't discovered what Pinterest is, you must find out and join the fun, but beware, you can spend alot of time there! Pinterest is addicting, so I am determined, like many other ladies I know, to try at least one or two things that I pin each week. Food seems to be the category of choice for me right now, so this week I actually made six, yes six, new recipes that I pinned! We were spending the week in Boone, so it was easy to do my grocery shopping there based on what I would be making. For once, I planned out our menu for the week, in advance, with special emphasis on my mother's birthday and dishes I thought she might like.

Below you will find pictures of each of the recipes I made, along with a link to where you can find them to try out for yourself! Simply click on the name of the recipe given in the caption. Honestly, my finished products looked very close to the ones published here, which doesn't often happen. I chose to use the more "professional" pictures featured on the sites for the original recipes, rather than my "less than professional" attempts at food photography :-). There were four of us "taste testing" these recipes and we would recommend each and every one!
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes - to die for and worth the effort. Be sure to read all the tips listed on the site when attempting this recipe, and know it will take you a while to make because they are big pancakes!

Buffalo Chicken Soup - Replaced the milk with fat free half and half. Love the three cheeses and convenience of using a rotisserie chicken. Add more hot sauce it you like a little more "kick".

Balsamic Garlic Crusted Pork Tenderloin - love the marinade which made it so tender and juicy, especially when you let it soak in for 24 hours!
Sweet and Spicy Honey Grilled Shrimp - a little sweet and sour... and delicious! Marinate for 24 hours.

 Sweet and Savory Coconut Rice - great accompaniment for Asian dishes like the shrimp above

Broccoli and Italian Sausage Egg Muffins - Yummy brunch dish and low carb for those of us trying to eat less bread. Also versatile if you want to change out the meat and vegetable for different combinations. Really spray your pan to avoid sticking!

So, there you have it. Six recipes in one week! Happy Pinning, and don't forget to give some of those things you pin a try, maybe even this weekend...


  1. yeah! they all look good. i have been wanting to try some of the muffin pan recipes. they look so good and fun for the kids. thanks for sharing an i pinned it, i did it.

  2. Way to go, Mom! 6 recipes in one week :) They all looked so good too!

  3. Yes, and I got to enjoy every single one of these recipes. They were all "keepers." So good!

  4. That pork looks great - but it's not something I ever cook. I made one of your Pinterest recipes to take to the hospital, I think in early September, but it seems like ages ago. I haven't posted about it yet but it was the cheesecake/brownie cake. :D

  5. Thanks so much for trying out my recipe for Broccoli and Italian Sausage Egg Muffins! I'm thrilled you liked them. Did you create a variation of your own? ~Anna @snackingkitchen