Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Our Great Nephew Jaxon is Here!

I will never get over the wonder of newborn babies. They are simply a miracle. On Sunday, September 4th, our great nephew,Jaxon Wade Hamilton, decided to make his appearance (with a little help from Pitocin). He weighed in at 9 pounds, 13 ounces, and was 21 inches long, so obviously it was time for him to come on out! His parents, Sarah and David, recently moved from Florida to North Carolina, so we are very grateful to have them a few hours away. You might remember them from our post about their recent visit to pick up some furniture. Well...because they are so close now, my Mom and I decided to make the 3 hour drive and surprise them at the hospital. Jaxon is great grandchild #9 for Gigi, so she was anxious to meet him in person!

Here are a few pictures I snapped of him right after we arrived and Gigi got to hold him. He is about 17 hours old.

Jaxon with his Myeloma Buddy

Sarah and David...the proud parents!

Shortly after we arrived, my brother and his wife, affectionately known as Grandpa and Grandma, brought Jaxon's big sister Addyson by for her first visit with her baby brother. She was thrilled and just loves him to pieces!

Sarah with her big girl!
Gigi brought Addyson some bubbles, so she had a good time with Grandpa trying them out:

Grandpa with new grandson Jaxon!
I was amazed when Sarah was released on Monday and able to go home less than 48 hours after she had given birth! She was more than ready to be together as a family, get some rest, and sleep in her own bed. Here is Jaxon at home. As you can tell, Grandpa's cat Regalla is really upset by the new baby...hehe!

Addyson holding her baby brother for the first time
Eyes finally open before falling back to sleep

Regalla chillin on the couch

Delicious salads for lunch made by JoAnn. Loved the peaches!

Congratulations once again to Sarah, David and Addyson on their new addition, and to Johnny and JoAnn on their handsome new grandson! Love you all!

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord..." Psalm 127:3


  1. Thank you Linda for driving me to Charlotte so that I could meet Jaxon and see Sarah and David's new home for the first time, and thank you for this post. Yes, I am truly blessed!

  2. So glad that you both got to go and meet Jaxon. I wish I could've come too!

  3. Hi sorry I'm just getting to your blog and looking at all the wonderful pictures you got of Jaxon.

    Since I was gone for 3 weeks things have been a little hectic for me. Trying get things organized around the home.

    I'm so glad you and mom made the special trip over to see Jaxon. It was a wonderful surprise.

    Mom I'm so glad you got to hold your Great Grand child #9. Its truly a miracle every time a new one is born.

    Love you all and again thanks a million for making the trip over!..We loved seeing you both! Hope see you all very soon!

    Love JoAnn

  4. Jaxon is so cute, and knowing how big that Buddy is makes him seem so tiny! :D