Thursday, September 15, 2011

Procedures, Procedures and more Procedures...and No Complaining?

Wow, Big EZ has been through the ringer these past two weeks, all part of re-evaluating everything one year post transplant. Our next appointment at Duke is September 28th, so all test results need to be in by then. Last Tuesday he was subjected to a bone marrow biopsy, blood work, an Aredia infusion, 24 hour urinalysis (peeing into a jug for 24 hours), and 4 re-vaccinations. On Monday of this week, he had dental work, a full skeletal survey, and an MRI. A lot of procedures to have in just two days!

I must say I admire my husband so much for never complaining. I know he lives with a lot of pain every single day. He can't ever sleep through the night. He wakes up stiff and hurting pretty much from head to toe. He can't feel his feet most of the time, but has to just keep walking, hoping they will do what they are supposed to do. He can't sit comfortably which means he can't drive, sit at our dinner table for meals, go out to eat at restaurants, fly, go to the movies, or sit in a pew at church. He can't bend over. He can't tie his shoes or clip his toenails. He can't run.

Yet, he prefers to concentrate on the things he can do and he remains cheerful and positive. He can get down on the floor (very slowly and carefully) to "wrestle" with his grand kids. He can call his parents every day to check on them, re-assure them that he is okay and tell them he loves them. He can be an encouragement to others. He can smile. He can swim. He can walk. He can make others laugh. He can show gratitude. He can work in his basement again on "projects".  He can walk without a cane much of the time. He can tell his family how much he loves them. He can give hugs. He can cuddle with the 'Nats' and watch movies or read books and tickle. He can take a trip to Disney World and enjoy it, in spite of not riding on any rides. He can be a blessing to everyone who knows him. He can make me feel so appreciated, taken care of, and loved.

We pray for good results from all the procedures, hopefully showing continued "complete response" new bone lesions, no detectable M spike, no compression fractures, no anemia, and no high protein levels. We will update as we hear back from Dr. Kritz, and thank you for the wonderful support you have shown to Big EZ! He feels it, and he deeply appreciates do I!


  1. He truly is a blessing to everyone who knows him!

  2. What a beautiful testimony of his faithfulness to carry out God's Word.

    "Do everything without complaining"

    It's a verse that we (mostly I) quote many times a day. Quoting the verse is one thing ... but living it out in front of them is a whole other story ... and far more impressionable!

    All Glory to God!

  3. Mr. Ernie is just amazing isn't he?? I miss seeing you and I miss getting my hug on Sunday Mornings! :o)

  4. What a wonderful man and father. EZ is such a great example to all of us. Praying for your family!

  5. As I now live in the same household, I can testify to all that Linda writes is certainly true. I don't know how he does it some days, as I can see the pain. He tells this old lady she is loved and appreciated too. (and I am the mother-in-law) I love you, Ernie.

  6. Wow, Mom, what a beautiful post that speaks truth about Dad. I love you, Dad, and consider you such an encouragement, example, and blessing! Praying, praying, praying for continued complete response!

    And Larissa, as I quote that same verse often to my children, I often reference Grandpa as our example. He really does everything without complaining and with joy and a smile! We all need to be more like him!

  7. Wow... Given his attitude... I think I have a new hero to try to live up to. Here is a prayer that all his test come back normal.

  8. I love this post because everything you wrote is so true and we are so lucky to have a man like that as our father. I don't know how you do it dad. I love you so much and can't wait to see you today!!!