Monday, March 14, 2011

EZ Update

Hello from Marietta, Georgia. Linda and I are down here for a couple weeks to help Leah and Kyle welcome baby Emery home!

It has been been four weeks since my hip pinning surgery and my recovery is going great. The staples were removed about ten days ago and the incisions have all but healed up now.  My leg strength is improving and yesterday we took a 1.6 mile walk around Marietta, enjoying the beautiful Spring weather. Leah and Kyle's town home is three levels and the stairs are an additional source of leg strengthening exercise for me.

Today is my first day back on Revlimid after a five week hiatus. Dr. Kritz had me off the Revlimid as it may create blood clots after surgery. That hiatus and about two more weeks of daily Lovenox shots will hopefully keep me out of any blood clotting concerns.  Linda and I won't be sad when we stop those shots!

Sleeping at night continues to be a challenge as leg/sacrum nerve pain continues to flare up in the early hours of each morning.  However, afternoon naps with Emery are great.  After all, someone has to do it.

Hope that everything is well with you and yours.   Happy Monday!


  1. so glad you get to nap with baby emery :)

  2. I'm so glad to see another post on the Walking with Big EZ blog! Missing you guys but are so glad that you are there, helping Leah/Kyle and enjoying Emery! And I keep praying that the nerve pain ceases, but until then, thankful for afternoon naps for you :) Love you!!!