Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Nick!

Twenty five years ago today our third child, and only son, Nicholas Lee Baker, was born at 8:56am. He weighed in at 8 pounds 15 ounces and was 21 inches long.

March 25th, 1986
Growing up he gave us a few more scares than his sisters when he contracted viral meningitis, swallowed a penny, rode his Hotwheels into the pool, fell on his bike and got a concussion, tripped and got stitches on his chin, sprained his ankle numerous times, and eventually broke his kneecap! However, this first quarter of a century is also filled with wonderful (and humorous) memories of camping, boy scouts, soccer, baseball, fishing, hiking, paintball, snorkeling, traveling and so much more. The time has flown by so very quickly...

I suppose hiking the Inca Trail and climbing Machu Picchu is a much more exciting way to spend your birthday than being home with family, but we sure do love and miss you Nick and wanted to wish you a very


Mom and Dad


  1. Oh, look at sweet little Nick! So glad that God saw fit for our family to include him! Happy Birthday Bud!

  2. Aw, thanks fam! Definitely having a good bday down here, but looking forward to getting back home and being with you guys as well... Love you all a ton and see you in a week or so!

  3. Twenty five years! I remember the day well, as I hopped into my car and rushed down to Boca Raton from Casselberry, Fla. I was praying for a boy and was so happy to hear that Tara and Leah now had a brother. YOU BRING ME JOY-YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE-I LOVE YOU NICK!

  4. Happy Birthday Nick! On a side note...He was only a half an in longer than I was when I was born and we weighed the same! lol

  5. Hi Linda!!! Wholly Cow!!! What are the odds of our connection, across the country, Myeloma bringing us together virtually ... and now learning that our sons were born on the same day, same year!!! O Boy, O Boy!!! So happy you commented on my blog and told me of this! I have happy shivers over this amazing connection! And, my son is away on a trip too, celebrating his 25th on the 25th! Thank you Linda! And give my best to Ernie too!!! xoxo

  6. You two have such beautiful babies, and I'm proud to know each of them as adults. God has given you such a special family. I remember after you brought Nick home from the hospital I asked if I could borrow all you maternity clothes, we had just discovered we were going to have another, Logan. He will be 25 this Nov. LOVE you all and what a special place you hold in our hearts.