Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Our Worldwide Myeloma Community of Friends

Though we struggle daily with the effects of Multiple Myeloma, we certainly are not alone. We have discovered, and been so blessed by, a community of patients, caregivers and family members from all over the world whose lives have also been touched by this form of blood cancer. We have banded together to encourage one another, fight for more research, educate one another, and pray that one day MM will be considered CURABLE!

One of the main ways we have all connected is through blogging. Each of us can share our personal experiences with this cancer, and feel as though we are truly friends, though we may never see one another face to face. Phil Brabbs of Multiple Myeloma for Dummies, has been a primary source for "connecting" those battling MM. Being only 28 when he was diagnosed with "smoldering myeloma", he began to find, and relate to, many others out there who blasted through the belief that this was an "old person's" disease. His energy, enthusiasm, faith and positive approach to life have been an inspiration to thousands, and his story will surely touch your heart. We will forever try to DOMINATE MM along with  Phil, and his ongoing efforts to raise money for research through, will benefit everyone for years to come.

Phil, his wife Cassie, and their three adorable children
Another young MM patient, who I deeply admire, is a woman from the UK. She, like Phil, is young, talented, spunky, energetic, witty and an inspiration to me. Her name is Paula, and her blog is called Feresaknit's, because well, she knits! She has used her talents to create Myeloma Buddies, little knitted dolls (and dogs!) that she sends all over the world, with the proceeds funding myeloma research both in the UK and for the International Myeloma Foundation. She does much more than knit, and is a crafter extraordinaire with her own Etsy shop. Samuel, Samantha, Nathan and Natalie play every day with her creations, which always reminds me to pray for Paula, that she would dominate myeloma (which, by the way, is much more common in men than women).

Myeloma Doggies for Natalie and Nathan

Myeloma Buddies for Samuel, Samantha and Emery
Susie is a caregiver, also in the UK (Lincolnshire Wolds), who I have come to know through her blog. As she lovingly cared for her husband, she composed beautiful poems of love, and published them in a book entitled A Power Within.  She poured her heart out in the written word as she watched her husband battle Multiple Myeloma. Sadly, her dear Hamada, handsome and dignified, lost his fight on November 23, 2010. Their story of love, admiration, devotion and family will live forever through her touching poetry. I treasure my copy of her book, recently given to me by Big EZ for my birthday.

There are so many others out there, who we pray for and whose blogs we follow regularly, but should I try to list them all, you would be reading for hours and hours. Many of them can be found on the side bar of Phil's and Paula's blogs, or on WEGO Health who recently listed their top 11 Multiple Myeloma Blogs. We are so thankful for this community of friends.


  1. We pray for Phil and Paula too, and are so thankful for this community of MM survivors!

  2. Hey Linda, I know it's taken me ages to come back and comment and I've no excuse for it! ;D

    Thank you so much for mentioning me I am so flattered to be included on the same page as Phil and Susie both of whom I too admire greatly. Paula xx