Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Linda!

Today we celebrate my best friend's birthday.   When I first met her, I was a junior in college and she was just finishing up her sophomore year.   She was known to all the racquetball and basketball players that walked by the campus pool as the girl in the pink bikini. She was the most beautiful girl on campus and I could not believe it when she actually said yes when I asked her out on a date.

She has stuck with me through raising three wonderful children, experiencing four (soon to be five) grandkids, her teaching career, my IBM and entrepreneur careers, and now this journey with Multiple Myeloma.  She is still the prettiest girl where ever we go......

The only thing that has me puzzled is that as I will be sixty at the end of 2011 and after all that she has gone through with me, she has only aged ten years.

Happy 29th Birthday Kiddo!    I love you.

PS. Here's another little birthday message for you from someone else, near and dear to our hearts:


  1. Happy Birthday Mrs. Linda! Hope you have a great day.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Mrs. B!!

  3. Such a sweet blog posting. Happy 29th Birthday Mrs. B ;)

  4. So thankful that the girl in the pink bikini went on that date with the guy in the orange gymshorts~ It was a match made in heaven! Love you both~ Happy Birthday Mom!

  5. Love this post!!! Happy Birthday, Linda!

  6. Thank you Ernie and Mom for the kind words and serenades! However, last time I saw 29 I was pregnant with Leah!! Love you!