Friday, March 4, 2011

A Tisket, A Tasket, a Red and White Birthday Basket!

I just had to post a picture of a birthday present I received from the Dew family. I have admired Tara's basket for quite some time now, seeing how much she uses it and how perfect it is for carrying meals to friends and families in need. Well, she surprised me with one! No gifts were expected as my early present from the whole family was the trip I took to Georgia last month to be with Leah and Kyle before Emery arrives (and I loved every minute of it!). I LOVE this basket and hope it will be used for many family picnics, church functions, and to bless others when I bring them a meal. Thanks so much to the Dews!

Tara and Jamie, with the help of Nathan and Natalie, also prepared a wonderful dinner on my birthday. EZ, Gigi, and I were treated to a delicicous pork loin roast with mashed potatos, salad and bread, served in the dining room on fine china. The Nats were just so big drinking from their crystal water glasses. Nathan was the cutest "bread boy" I have ever seen serving in his little apron. They are just getting so big!

We retired to the family room after dinner and opened cards and presents. Nick, Leah and Kyle were missed as well as the Sams, who had already been tucked into bed. My "cake" this year was a delicious key lime pie!

After dinner and dessert, the Nats and Grandpa retired to the bedroom where their nightly wrestling match then ensued!

Many thanks to the Dews for having us over, and to my whole family for a very Happy Birthday!


  1. It was a great night! Love you and so glad we could celebrate you in such fun ways!!!

  2. I LOVE your basket! Im so glad you had such a wonderful time with your family!

  3. heck yeaaaaaaaaaaaa ma happy b day!

    Teach nathan to wash dishes and we are set for life