Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Friends, Family, Projects and a Movie in Boone

What a treat it was to find out some of my girlfriends from Raleigh were also in Boone for a visit. We met for lunch one day at the 1861 Farmhouse and enjoyed a wonderful meal together.

My big brother, who lives in Davidson, had some work to do in Boone, so he stopped by one afternoon for a sweet visit. Mom was happy to spend time with two of her three children. We made a big batch of taco soup and enjoyed it for lunch during much of the week.

EZ worked on a few projects when we were there, which always makes him feel good. He likes to check things off "To Do" lists! He installed a new cable wire up through the floor in one of the bedrooms, trimmed our hedges, and plugged carpenter bee holes. Thankful for my handy man. You should have seen the maneuvering he had to do to get out of his position in this first picture. However, when he was finished we turned on the TV and we had! The armoire and TV are a new addition to one of our cabin bedrooms.

One of the last things we did while in Boone was go to the movies! This was a huge milestone since it was the first time we had seen a film in a regular theater, with regular theater seats, in two and a half years. EZ took an extra pain pill and off we went to a matinee showing of "Hope Springs". Very funny for the empty nester!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. It was an especially fun week for me. I enjoyed everything about it.

  2. Man, dad only gets to the movies every so often and you guys saw "Hope Springs" ?!?!?!?!??!

    I am sorry big guy, I will be back for a guys night intervention asap

    Love you guys ;)

  3. Love the picture of you with your Mom and brother. Looks like a great week!