Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Cookbook and Summer Foods

As much as I LOVE the Pioneer Woman cookbooks and recipes, I decided it was time to set them aside for a bit in order to boost our metabolism and try some healthier options. It's been fun for my mom and I to use new recipes from a cookbook she recently ordered. Dr. Hyman's philosophy is to "eat foods that come from the earth, not from a box or can or prepared by food scientists in a factory." He is a doctor specializing in nutritional medicine and he states that "our bodies and souls thrive on fresh, whole real food. To eat well is to be healthy. Food is medicine. It cures us. Ask yourself if this food could have been served at your great-grandmother's table. She served only real food." Makes sense to me.

We've made three trips to Trader Joe's (yes, we are in the dark ages and had never been there before),  and are taking small steps toward changing the way we eat. I know this is best for all of us, but believe me, old habits die hard! The most difficult part of making these changes is staying consistent, over time. All the recipes we have made were very tasty and we would make them again. Not pictured are Split Green Pea Soup and Lentil Soup which were delicious as well. More coming for sure.

Citrus Walnut Spinach Salad

Roasted carrots and new potatoes

Anytime snack mix

Caprese of our summer favorites!

Middle Eastern Lamb Patties...surprisingly tasty!

Black Bean Confetti Salad

Edamame Chopped Salad

Our neighbor's homegrown blueberries!

Blueberry Green Tea, Blueberry Buckle (not from new cookbook) and fresh berries

Apple salad using light Cool Whip rather than mayonnaise

Hope you are enjoying the tastes of summer as well!


  1. Linda,

    I am so excited for you and your family! I've read and followed some of the good work of Dr. Hyman. And I agree - some of those recipes are really good! It does take time, though, to change eating habits. I have such a better diet now than I used to but still a ways to go. Onward and upward!


    1. Susan,
      My mother is also a diabetic, so that is how she first heard of Dr. Hyman. You are right, onward and upward. We'll keep trying!

  2. Great job on improving the way that you eat! We are constantly evaluating our food choices. Getting started was the hardest part for us. Now that I have been doing it for almost 7 years ... it has become second nature. Once you get it all figured out it will be that way for you too. I notice the change in me the most when I travel and am not eating as I ordinarily do. I feel different ... and it's not a good different. I look forward to reading more about your journey!

    1. Thanks Larissa. Makes sense for us to be eating better for sure. You were the first one to really talk to me about healthier eating back in the nursery during Awana! You certainly have walked the walk with food choices.

  3. Everything looks Sooo yummy, and if it's better for you.....good job.