Friday, August 17, 2012

Last Days at Camp 3G

After Nathan and Natalie headed to Nana's, things slowed down quite a bit. It's amazing how simple activities can become with only two "campers"! Samuel and Samantha did everything together and the twin interaction was much more apparent when big brother and sister weren't there. Here they are watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together while Grandma got breakfast ready (oops...Samantha's pacie was supposed to stay in her bed. Sorry Tara, guess I was a softie! You will see it in a few pictures here).

Grandpa found a turtle in our yard and had to contain it for a bit till he could show the little ones. Samantha loved it, but Samuel wasn't interested in getting too close.

Mickey and Minnie are real favorites, so when we were at Walmart for supplies, we couldn't resist these matching outfits.


Where are Samuel and Samantha?

After nap-time it was a perfect day for some water play in the pool. I love their happy faces!

We finished the day off with a trip to CiCi's Pizza for some curly pasta, cheese sticks, pizza and cinnamon buns (Not the best pictures but we wanted to document it).

 Sunday morning we got ready for church and walked on over with backpacks on. What a big boy and girl we have!

After nap-time we enjoyed popsicles in the pool!

Mommy and Daddy had a somber day at Dachau Concentration Camp.

Their next stop was Salzburg and it looks beautiful! Tara will always associate it with "The Sound of Music", one of her all time favorite movies!

Next post...Camp 3G draws to a close as Mommy comes home!


  1. Know the kiddos had a great time staying with y'all!! Can Emery come to camp 3G next time?! haha

  2. I've really enjoyed your photos and tales this week! Sounds and looks like such a fun week! So many smiles all around! Thanks for sharing :-)


  3. Yes, it was a fun week, and one reason it was so much fun is because Tara and Jamie have four such well behaved children who are fun to be around. Linda and Ernie made it a fun week by planning fun things for them to do. No sitting around watching TV. Gigi

  4. Thanks for all the fun things you did with the kids... I'm so glad that the Sams were good for you and had some individual attention while the Nats went to Nana's house!

    And Leah, I most definitely think Emery needs to come up here for camp next time!