Monday, August 20, 2012

Mommy's Home!

Samuel and Samantha had a quiet morning at home as we picked up the house, packed up my things, and waited for Mommy to come home. Just for a change, we spent a little time in the Nats' room as we listened to music and enjoyed a morning snack and playtime. Then we headed over to say good morning to Grandpa and Gigi.

After naptime we had some excited campers as all four rode with Grandpa to pick Mommy up at the airport (Nathan and Natalie had returned home earlier the same day)! Meanwhile, Gigi and I prepared a "welcome home" dinner of barbequed chicken thighs with corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and watermelon. Of course no celebration would be complete without cake!

After lots of hugs and a yummy meal together, we headed into the living room so Mommy could share some of the goodies she brought home from the trip. First, she pointed out the countries they visited on the map, and all the little ones were paying close attention.

Next she showed them postcards, a mini cowbell, and a snow globe. They were fascinated by the snow globe.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Swiss chocolate Tara brought for us, and ate it so quickly I forgot to get a picture! We spent more fun days together before Daddy came home from his conference in Germany, and of course building a tent is always a favorite activity. Who's in there?

One day it was quite rainy, so all four kiddos showed up with the cutest rain boots ever! We loved it!

And now, the last couple of pictures Tara and Jamie shared of their last day together, touring castles and enjoying uninterrupted meals. Their time away was an amazing "trip of a lifetime" for just the two of them, and we are so thrilled that everything worked out for them to go. We sure had a wonderful time with the grands while they were away!

Thank you for following along! Makes you want to head to Europe doesn't it?

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  1. Thanks again for such a yummy welcome home dinner and cake! It was a trip of a lifetime~ Thanks for making it possible! Love you!