Saturday, August 11, 2012

Grammy and Pop-Pop...with Emery

A few weeks ago we made another trip west to visit EZ's folks. At 88 and 89, we feel it's important to spend as much time with them as we can, and they really seem to enjoy our visits. EZ helps his Dad with various projects, and I cook and play Scrabble with Mom. This trip was even more special as great-grandchild number seven was going to stop by with her Mommy, Leah!

I can't get enough of how sweet EZ's walks are with his Mom. What a nice time to talk and catch up, and isn't she cute in her blue hat?

When Emery arrived we were instantly entertained just watching her explore the great outdoors and  "play" with her Grammy. She sure loves to pick up rocks, and we will always treasure Grammy's smile as she interacts with little Em.

Soon it was time to give Pop-Pop a haircut, so here we are L & E stylists, at his service! Then it was EZ's turn...

 Here are Leah and Em, with Grammy and Pop-Pop, before heading home. How wonderful to now be introducing our children's children to good times on the mountain!

 Always hate to say good-bye!

That night we just had to celebrate the opening ceremonies of the Olympics with some Chocolate Crinkle Cookies and cream!

Another good trip, but soon it was time to hurry home to keep the Dew Crew while Mommy and Daddy head to Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Truly the sandwich generation! More on "Camp 3-G" (Grandma, Grandpa and Gigi) in the coming posts...



  1. Loved these pictures of Emery with Grammy!!!! And thanks again for being awesome Camp 3 G!

  2. Lovely photos! Little children can bring so much cheer!

  3. We had so much fun with y'all, thanks for letting us stop by for the night!