Saturday, June 12, 2010


Dad had a wonderful appointment with Dr. Kritz on Friday and was told that his numbers show that the myeloma is in REMISSION!!!! Praise the Lord!!! Dr. Kritz was very pleased with Dad's progress through his chemotherapy treatment (phase 1) and is referring Dad to a doctor at Duke for the Bone Marrow Transplant (phase 2). He will be meeting with this doctor soon and we are praying now that they accept Dad into their program and we can begin moving forward with this 2nd phase of treatment.

Dad still is unable to sit or bend due to the sacral pain, but is more mobile while walking. He even is down to just using a walking cane sometimes! Please continue to pray for Dad's strength and mobility, for the pain to decrease in his sacrum and legs, and for his acceptance into the BMT program at Duke. We'll keep you updated, but until we know more, please join our family in celebrating this news of remission!

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