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Linda's email is and she would be
happy to talk with you about Big EZ and her role as EZ's caregiver.


  1. This is what family is ...

    Too late now, but I could have used a cranial band myself!


  2. Hi Linda and EZ :)
    Been meaning to write and say hello! (and thank you for all your supportive comments on my blog too!)
    Your blog is amazing Linda and your pictures are beautiful! You have such an adorable family! Say hello to my Myeloma buddy EZ too.
    After my crazy illness in Hawaii, we are considering ending my Revlimid maintenance. It's been about a year and a half, so about time to stop, build up my immune system and see if all goes well without it.
    Is EZ still on any maintenance therapy?
    I get caught up in your family pictures and forget to look for his status report :)

    Sending Myeloma-free hugs to you and EZ
    Julie from CA

  3. Just wanted to send a big Congratulations to EZ for the tar heels! Dean Smith would have been so proud!