Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

I hardly know where to begin, so why not wish everyone a Happy New Year! Right off the bat I'd like to set your minds at ease and say that Big EZ continues to be in complete remission with no detectable M-spike and all other numbers stable. When we haven't heard from fellow bloggers in quite a while, we worry that something is wrong, and often it is. For us, life is just full and busy, so for the most part, a quick Intagram post is about all I can muster! We are extremely grateful that five years post diagnosis, EZ has not relapsed and his numbers continue to look good. 

And now for a quick review of 2014 and four very exciting events in the life of our family: 

1. Our son, Nick, got engaged to the beautiful Anne Davis in March. When EZ was diagnosed in January of 2010, he wondered if he'd live long enough to meet the girl Nick would one day marry. Our prayers were surely answered and we love Anne so much!

 2. In celebration of my 60th birthday, EZ and I took an amazing trip to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Zion National Park and Las Vegas in April.

 3. We welcomed a new grandson, Will, in May. Big sister, Emery, was beyond excited, and so were we!

Guenthers Christmas 2014

That makes six beautiful grandchildren for us!

 Dews Christmas 2014

4. Nick and Anne got married in Chapel Hill, NC on December 20, 2014!

 The wedding party with EZ serving as Nick's best man. It was such an honor for EZ to stand beside his son on this very special day!

Our five oldest grandchildren all participated in the wedding. Were they ever adorable!
Gigi looks beautiful surrounded by 5 of her great grandchildren!
Beautiful engagement and wedding photos by Robyn Van Dyke Photography
 All Bakers have now married in the month of December, with Nick and Anne marrying on our 39th anniversary! Here we all are at the wedding: Nick and Anne, day one, Leah and Kyle 8 years, Tara and Jamie 14 years, and Ernie and I, 39 years! What a cause for celebration!

 There was so much more to celebrate in 2014, but these are definitely some of the highlights. May you all have a healthy and happy 2015, and hopefully you will hear from us more often! We care very much for those of you who stop by our blog, and would love to hear from you! For now, let's all try to remember these wise words in the new year: