Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hawks Cay...Beautiful!

If you are looking for ocean breezes, turquoise water, beautiful views, multiple pools, wonderful accommodations, and a great family vacation, you need to save your pennies and head for Hawks Cay on Duck Key! I always thought you could only find places like this in the Bahamas or the Caribbean, but not so. This is a top notch resort and the perfect setting for a destination wedding. 

After two days of driving, EZ got horizontal and took a much deserved snooze on the sofa. So thankful he was at the wheel again!

Here is a little tour of our villa (#2007) in Marina Village, and some other areas of the resort, including a dolphin training area:

It didn't take long to realize we were going to love this place! Family members were beginning to arrive for  four days of wedding festivities and precious memories. We looked forward to celebrating Emery's first birthday as well. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Trip to the Keys

On Tuesday, March 6th, Mom, EZ and I piled in the car and began our 15 hour drive to Duck Key for my nephew's wedding. We really had no idea how far we would get on the first day, but hoped it would be at least halfway. EZ never tired and drove all the way to Palm Coast! We actually arrived in time to take a little side jaunt to St. Augustine before dinner, and we got to see the St. Augustine Lighthouse, and Flagler College. I couldn't believe how beautiful the sky was just before sunset. Wish we had a couple more hours to explore this gorgeous city...maybe next time!


It was a great first day of driving and we looked forward to arriving in Duck Key Wednesday afternoon to meet up with Leah, Kyle, Emery and Nick!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Nick Turns 26!

Every time one of our children has a birthday, it makes me a bit nostalgic. Where has all the time gone? It really does seem like yesterday that I was watching our little boy learning to swim, kicking a soccer ball, playing paintball or getting ready for a school dance. How could he be 26, graduated from college and about to start dental school? 

Nick is a joy to be, witty, laid back, loving, kind and compassionate. And boy, does he love to travel! He won't have much opportunity to explore the world in the next four years, so I thought it would be fun to look back on just a few of the amazing places he has been, with some of the great friends he has traveled with and met along the way. He has done everything from riding elephants in Thailand, to snowboarding in Tahoe, to hiking the Inca Trail, to touring Bulgaria and trying to surf in Costa Rica. His accommodations have ranged from tents, to luxurious villas, to youth hostels, to reserves where monkeys may end up in your bed, to "dog houses". He has witnessed glorious sunsets, climbed to great heights, bathed in rivers, and showered in places I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. What an adventurous life he has led so far. We love you Nick and can't wait to see what the future holds. Happy 26th Birthday!