Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is it Time for Tea?

On Monday, which was Samuel and Samantha's actual birthday, we headed to one of our favorite little spots in Wake Forest, The Olde English Tea Room. (EZ decided to pass on this one.) Natalie and Samantha are becoming such girlie girls, Samuel joins in on most anything, and Nathan is the perfect gentleman to accompany all the ladies, so off we went. Our first stop was a large trunk just inside the front door, where we chose our hat for the day.


I got such a kick out of watching Nathan carefully pour his tea (which is iced by the way), and Natalie, Samuel and Samantha diligently stirring and sipping. (They loved the sugar cubes!)

We enjoyed our tea, scones, chicken salad croissants, fruit salad and muffins and were so proud of the little ones for being so careful that we escaped without breaking any china! They sure do grow up quickly. Still can't believe the Sams are two...how time flies!

Stop by tomorrow to hear about EZ's first trip to the movies in two years!


  1. And a grand time was had by all.

  2. Thank you and Gigi for coming and helping celebrate! It was a great lunch!