Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Trip to the Keys

On Tuesday, March 6th, Mom, EZ and I piled in the car and began our 15 hour drive to Duck Key for my nephew's wedding. We really had no idea how far we would get on the first day, but hoped it would be at least halfway. EZ never tired and drove all the way to Palm Coast! We actually arrived in time to take a little side jaunt to St. Augustine before dinner, and we got to see the St. Augustine Lighthouse, and Flagler College. I couldn't believe how beautiful the sky was just before sunset. Wish we had a couple more hours to explore this gorgeous city...maybe next time!


It was a great first day of driving and we looked forward to arriving in Duck Key Wednesday afternoon to meet up with Leah, Kyle, Emery and Nick!


  1. Hi Bakers!! I LOVE St. Augustine!! :) I am so looking forward to Friday!

  2. I wish I lived on the east coast and could also visit there. Very nice pictures. Have a great time...