Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cabin Readied for Christmas

As soon as Thanksgiving passes, we like to start decorating for Christmas! We share ownership of the cabin with four other couples, and whatever family is there the weekend following Thanksgiving hangs the decorations. This year it was our turn! Special memories always flood our minds as we place each ornament on the tree. What a joy it is to travel to the beautiful NC mountains in December, often with a dusting of snow, to ready our hearts and home for the celebration of Christmas.

The tree and mantel are decorated, the garland is hung and now on to the table and bedding...

Hoping it looks like this next time we visit...

Before we knew it our time at the cabin was over, and we were heading back with the live tree we picked out on top of the car. There's a whole lot more decorating to do! Just love this time of year.


  1. it's so beautiful! makes me want to grab some hot chocolate and head up there right now. :)

  2. The cabin looks absolutely beautiful! I hope you have a 'light dusting' of snow too. We don't have any white Christmases out here in California :(
    I loved the toys Ernie made with your grandchildren. What a wonderful talent to share with his grandchildren.

  3. Thank you for decorating-- looks beautiful!

  4. How beautiful! I need you to come help decorate here!!