Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More Projects, Then Ready, Set, Sell!

In our ongoing effort to get our house ready, we realized there were a few more things that would really make a difference in the appearance. The deck was begging for a facelift, so we had it pressure washed, EZ replaced the top and bottom railings (with some help from Nick and Kyle), then we had it stained and sealed. Much improved!!

Next it was time for a new garage door...lighter, quieter and no more sagging (failed to get a pic of the old one!).

We never had pickets on the steps leading to our unfinished basement, so EZ built a new railing and added the pickets, making it a lot safer! Glad we never had one of the grandkids go over that edge!

And finally, EZ got me a small pressure washer so I could go to town on the side walkway, patio furniture and gutters, brickwork, and front porch and walk. It is one DIRTY job, but I love the results!

The sign went up, we had seven showings in three days, and got a great offer and contract from a couple in Texas. We were due to close on May 30th, and rent back from them for three months (until August 30th)...perfect! THEN...they terminated the contract on the last day of due diligence. Agh! So we re-grouped, made it active again, and in the first weekend we had two couples look at it and got another offer from a couple moving down from New York. Our due diligence has passed, and we are totally "a go" to close on August 8th and move to our new home. We are excited about the future, and so grateful things seem to be working out. More on the new house to come!


  1. Wow - so glad things worked out for you! Your home is lovely! but big and a lot of work like ours. Best Wishes in your new home! The boys are so lucky to have EZ show them how to do all the home projects.

  2. Everything looks so good, love all the before and afters! (hadn't seen the handrail going down to the basement w/ pickets-- looks great!)

  3. Wishing you both Good Luck with the 'move' and this new venture - changes are fun but this house holds many happy memories, so I am sure it won't be easy. Still how wonderful to have a new exciting time looming. Best wishes for it all.

  4. All of these projects look so good, Mom! You have very lucky buyers as you guys are great sellers!!!