Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Updates

As EZ continues to recover at home following his surgery on the 14th, we are happy to have my Mom back with us again after a two week trip to Florida, and a few days at a cabin in Georgia with my brother and his wife. We miss her when she is away, but are so very thankful that at 80 she is healthy and able to travel whenever she wants. Her beloved kitty, the Queen of Sheba, was especially glad to see her!

Leah is only 17 days away from her due date! We are looking forward to heading down to Georgia for a few weeks just as soon as we get the word that she is in labor. She is doing so well with her pregnancy and has everything ready for Emery's arrival. Here is a sneak peak of the finished nursery, which to me looks like a picture from Pottery Barn Kids!

Emery's nursery
Nick spent the weekend at Lake Titicaca...never knew this was actually a real place. We are anxious to receive an update from him, hopefully soon! He is enjoying the dental clinic in Cuzco and just about every aspect of his experience in Peru so far.  From waking up with monkeys in his bed, to crazy dancing in clubs, to getting alot more fluent with his Spanish, to meeting folks from all over the world, to going crocodile hunting, to helping people in need, he is loving it. We are always happy when he has some free time to video chat on gmail so that his momma can see his face and know that he is okay.

Lake Titicaca
Nick in the Peruvian jungle
Tara and her family have unfortunately been battling colds and stomach bugs in various forms. We did manage to see her and all four grandchildren on Friday for some quick hugs and kisses. With EZ's immature immune system, we just can't take any chances and hadn't been able to see them in 5 days. Here are Samuel and Samantha enjoying their new favorite finger food...bits of American Cheese. We can't believe we will be celebrating their first birthday this coming weekend. Though this has been a hard year, their birth just one month after diagnosis has been the gift that keeps on giving!

Eating cheese...Samuel (as Thing 2), and Samantha (who dirtied her Thing 1 outfit earlier)

Samantha and Samuel then - February 2010

Samantha and Samuel now


  1. you have such sweet grandbabies! I cannot wait to see Emery!!

  2. Great updates, kids with babies, kids with monkies, glad you can keep track of who's who. Love the nursery for Emery and can't wait to see her picture soon. Hope you and EZ are doing well. We are praying.

  3. I just wanted to mention that I spent two weeks in Peru with my then 17 year old daughter. In 2007. We went on a humanitarian trip. We stayed in Cuzco and worked in a village up the mountain called Salkantay. We also did a little touring. It was an amazing trip. My daughter and I made so many great memories there. Someday I need to write a post about it with lots of pictures. I enjoy reading about your sons work there as well as all of your families adventurers.

  4. Emery's room is just gorgeous. The dark wood makes it look so different (well for here). And Lake Titicaca WOW just doesn't cover it. Nick however looks way to happy. One of the things I kept watching on my recent holiday was An Idiot Abroad - he certainly didn't smile in the jungle! :D

  5. I just love that last picture of the Sams, they are seriously too cute. 17 days from my due date really? WOAHHH

  6. +1 to sams being ridiculously cute. Big things happening with all the baker kiddos!

  7. Hey Linda and Big EZ! I think it's ok to speak on behalf of the entire Brown family when I say we love reading your blog. Hope all is well, sounds like an exciting time in the Baker family. Thoughts and prayers are always with ya'll!