Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Home Alone

Everyone knows the movie 'Home Alone', where a young boy gets inadvertently left behind when his family takes off for a European vacation. This past Friday, Linda left for a short four day visit to see our daughter Leah in Marietta, Georgia, and Ginny, my mother-in-law (who now lives with us), left for a two week rendezvous with her sisters and family members in Florida. This meant that yours truly was left HOME ALONE.

I have gotten to be quite self sufficient over the last nine months, and except for a few activities that require significant bending, like putting on socks or tying shoes, I can get  by. This past weekend with me home alone was really no big deal and I survived quite nicely, as Tara and Jamie made sure that I was well stocked with food and that I had company during Linda and Ginny's absence. So for all of you that were wondering how this weekend went, no problems!!

I realized that this was the first time Linda and I had been separated since my diagnosis in January of 2010. She has been at my side since that time, sacrificially helping me with every corner of my life. I am so appreciative of her attitude, her servant heart and her unconditional love for me. So although I managed to somehow survive without her, I certainly welcomed my beautiful wife back on Monday afternoon. I love my caregiver!


  1. Oh Dad you are so sweet! I know that Mom is glad to be back home with you too!

    And we LOVED being with you this weekend, and are always happy to bring you food, put on shoes/socks, and just hang out! We love you!

  2. Glad to hear that she is back home with you! I am sure you missed her like crazy!

  3. I know that you and mom are so glad to be back together. We appreciated her trip so much, and can't wait till you can come down as well. So sweet of you to print off those signs for her, love how you make her feel special always. Love you!

  4. we are doing a marriage study with our sunday school class and it talks about making your marriage one that brings glory to God. when i think of you and Mrs. Baker, that is exactly what i think of. the way you love and care for each other is a great example for other couples and i know it bring glory to our Lord.