Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Home from the Hospital!

We arrived home yesterday afternoon after two days in the hospital. EZ will have to take it easy for about two weeks, being careful not to bear too much weight on the left leg as the rod and pin grafts and things heal. He is the proud "wearer" of a four inch incision and 13 staples in his left hip/upper thigh which will be removed on March 1st. He has to walk with a walker for now to stay steady and not put too much pressure on his leg, but is up, mobile and able to also sit in his recliner. He ran a low grade fever off and on for a few days, which the surgeon said is normal following orthopedic surgery...especially when metal is introduced into the body! Temperature was back to normal this morning. I have to administer Lovenox shots every day for three weeks to prevent any blood clots. Don't exactly love doing that, but at least I got practice with Neupogen shots before his transplant and can get through it. He's a great patient!

Thought you might enjoy the contrast between these first two pictures (sorry lighting for all pictures is pretty bad...only had my phone). The first one was taken when EZ was transported up to his room following surgery. He was shivering like crazy (normal reaction following such a procedure) so they had piled about 6 warm blankets on him. I call it "mummy man"!

The next picture is Day 2 at the hospital. All cleaned up, dressed and ready for his first PT session to get up and walk. What a difference a day makes!

Here is Day 3...dressed and hard at work with laptop and phone, looking very serious about something.

And of course, as a special treat for what he had just been through, we stopped at our local frozen custard shop...GOODBERRY'S on the way home!! Ez's favorite is their Black and White (chocolate and vanilla) shake and he thoroughly enjoyed it!

My new favorite is a mini Vanilla Concrete with heath bar and caramel...delicious and a zillion Weight Watchers points for sure!

Many thanks and much love to all who prayed for this procedure to go well. We are very thankful those prayers were answered and ask continued prayers for healing with no complications. So good to be home!


  1. So glad you guys are home. I just love the last two pictures, you two are so cute!! And I'm DYING down here to have some goodberrys... can't wait to try adding caramel to my order next time mom :)

  2. love the mummy pic and the goodberry's! :) so glad everything went well and that you're back home now.

  3. My goodness, what a difference in those first 3 pictures! Dad, you really are a great patient, and Mom you are a great caregiver!!!! So glad that you treated yourselves to Goodberry's~ Like Leah, I'll have to try the carmel addition next time :)

  4. hahahahha mummy man

    glad youre home pops, thanks for being so great ma!

  5. Love the pictures too! Ice cream...YUM!

  6. These were great series of pictures. So glad all went well and you are home again. Sometimes, depending on the circumstancs, the weight watchers points don't count!! Enjoy!!

  7. I've been praying for you two this week. I am glad to hear such a great update.

  8. So pleased that all went well with this procedured and after this huge operation you are safely home once again. Such great smiles in the photos - brave - Yes for sure!
    All very best wishes from the UK.