Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday - My Trip To Marietta

Last Thursday I posted all about our daughter Leah (if you didn't read it you can find it here). She is expecting their first baby, a little girl named Emery Katherine, on March 10th and we are beyond excited! Unfortunately she and her husband Kyle live in Georgia, and we live in North Carolina, and that means a 7 hour drive. Ernie's treatment for Multiple Myeloma this past year, and the toll the cancer took on his body and sacrum, have prevented us from flying or making the drive to Marietta. Leah and Kyle however, have made the drive and come home endless times to visit and be with us in good times and bad, and we are so appreciative!

Sensing the longing in my heart to spend time with Leah before she becomes a mommy, my family conspired to give me an early birthday present...a roundtrip plane ticket to Georgia before the baby is born!

I left last Friday and returned Monday, but oh what a wonderful time I had (I could enjoy myself because I KNEW Tara and Jamie would take such good care of Ernie while he was home alone). We had lunch together, shopped for home and nursery decor, put baby equipment together, ate the best guacamole I have ever had at Pappasito's, went to an amazing baby shower for Leah, hung curtains, picture frames, a shelf and Emery's banner, packed the diaper bag, organized the changing table and Emery's closet, took a relaxing walk, and watched the Superbowl. I loved giving her my undivided attention, having time to talk, looking at her beautiful bulging belly, feeling Emery with the hiccups, and just being together.

I actually managed to put the pack-n-play tools required!

Elle decided to try out the bouncer

"Cute as a button" was the theme

The food was color coordinated, often went with the theme, and was so delicious!

Leah and her proud Mommy!

Though it looks like a mess, we really were organzing everything!

Gorgeous curtains with such fun fringe!

Kyle's amazing pepperjack, bacon grilled turkey burger for our Superbowl feast!

Thank you to my family for this amazing gift. I will treasure that time always!


  1. We are thankful that you came down! We appreciate so much you sacrificing one of your weekends to come down and help us get ready for Emery. I feel so much more prepared now and I have you to thank. Love you can't wait to see you in a month (possibly from today if she comes on her due date!) :)

  2. What a wonderful gift for you and your whole family. I can surely empathize with you being in one state with a daughter in another state. You know that Jennifer is there (about to be your neighbor) and I am here in Georgia (not far from Marietta). I am glad you posted a blog about your visit with Leah. That was a weekend you will treasure in your heart forever.

  3. What a fun weekend for you! I know from experience what it is to be away from my Mom when expecting a baby - and what a blessing it is to have the help and companionship before baby comes. (and after the baby comes too!)

  4. Hi Linda- thanks so much for all your sweet comments on my blog. And I see I need to really read yours toooooo! Love all your pictures and stories! I hadn't really finished my posting last night, so this morning I added my pictures. Yes, sadly us gals battle the buldge all our lives... and I too did weight watchers in my early years :) Hoping all goes well for your Hubby EZ, and I will read your wonderful postings asap!!!

  5. I'm so happy that Dad came up with this plan and that we were able to carry it all out together! What a wonderful birthday present for you...and a wonderful weekend for Leah too!!!! I'm so happy ya'll had this time together!!!