Friday, February 11, 2011

Revlimid Maintanence

I have now been on a chemo maintenance drug, Revlimid, for about two months. It is a low dose, only 10 mg per day, taken every evening. So far my blood numbers look very good with my M-spike remaining in the 'not detectable' range. PTL! The largest side effect has been muscle and joint stiffness and aching after I sit or lay still for a bit. As you can imagine, wake-up time is the worst after lying pretty still for 6-7 hours while sleeping. At that time I feel like every joint in my body is arthritic, stiff and painful when I try to move. Thank heavens for pain meds. A quick pill and after 20 minutes the stiffness subsides and I am ready to tackle the day..

I was wondering...anyone else out there on Revlimid maintenance? If so, please share your experience with side effects. I would love your comment or confidentially send an email to

Have a great day!


One of the outcomes of my pre-op appointment at Duke Raleigh Hospital for my surgery on Monday, was my oncologist, Dr. Kritz, requesting that I cease and desist with the Revlimid until after my hip-pinning procedure. Revlimid is known to cause blood clots and Dr. Kritz decided it best to reduce that risk while undergoing surgery and recovery. So for now, a better picture might be:

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  1. Dad, I'm sorry that Revlamid causes you to be stiff and sore. But I'm so thankful that they have found this maintenance medicine that is keeping those numbers at 0! Continuing to pray for you! We love you!!!