Friday, February 25, 2011

Today is a Big Day - Six Months Post Stem Cell Transplant!

8-25-10 Stem Cell Infusion
In preparation for my stem cell transplant last August, all the doctors and nurses said that we would know more about how the transplant "took" at the six months anniversary of the transplant. Here are some number comparisons from my lab work just prior to my transplant and now at SCT plus 6 months:

Some other observations:
  • I lost all my hair from the SCT. My hair has come back softer, thicker and with less gray than before.  I have had three haircuts since the first of the year, so it seems to be growing faster also.
  • I heal differently than before my SCT. Cuts and scrapes used to heal up almost overnight, with very little bleeding. Now it takes a bit longer, but no concerns.
  • Energy levels are good but with no reserve. Where I used to just get tired, now I get exhausted. Napping and resting are now the standard, rather than the exception.
  • Before the SCT the neuropathy in my feet was quite bad, with severe sensitivity on the top and bottom of my feet. Over the last six months, that sensitivity has reduced, although I have bad 'feet' days, on the whole, the neuropathy is much improved.  
August 2010

February 2011
It appears that my SCT accomplished everything we had hoped for, and for that we are most thankful.   Now we hope and pray that the myeloma has entered a dormant state and any relapse never occurs,  is delayed, or postponed well into the future. My monthly cancer center visit and lab results will be our measuring rod for how well the SCT took and how the maintenance Revlimid is doing.

We are a year and a month post diagnosis and six months post SCT. We are encouraged and hopeful for the future. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. 


  1. looking great pops! great recap and so glad the numbers continue to look good!

  2. you look great! praise the lord for great results so far!

  3. Wow, Dad, this post has me in tears. I'm not sure if its just late at night (grin) or if I'm just overwhelmed at how the Lord has heard our prayers and answered them in our favor. Maybe both. Either way, though, I'm so thankful for how well you've done and how great your numbers look now! And I love that picture of you from Feb. 2011. You are so handsome and look great! I love you Dad and praise God for what He has done in the past year. Praying that your numbers stay this way, especially that M-spike at ZERO!!!!! We've got a lot more living to do :) Love you!

  4. Yes, Ernie here's to a very, very long remission. And obviously a very happy one because with all though little ones running round it couldn't be anything else. :D

  5. Yes - what a great post! We will keep praying for you!

  6. awww that February picture is so good!!! you look great Mr. Baker!!!! :)

  7. HAPPY 6 MONTH DADDY!! Love the February picture!