Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday: A Super Gadget!!!

OK all of you gadget lovers:   What the heck is this?

For the last year, I have been steadily improving in being more self sufficient...showering, putting on shorts, long pants, shirts, and even shoes with the help of a long shoehorn. However, my nemesis has been socks!  No matter how I approached that task, I simply Can. Not. Bend! This made self-socking a distant memory. Linda has been so wonderful doing this task for me, but I needed another solution. While we were in the hospital with my femur pinning, an occupational therapist came in, and after a short discussion she disappeared and then reappeared with the "sock-putter-onner-thing-a-ma-jig". Pictured above, it is a simple device consisting of a firm plastic sleeve with two ropes/handles. No batteries, hydraulics, electronics or nuclear power! I was skeptical until I tried it. I was hooked immediately.    

First, place the sock over the sleeve, making sure that the toe of the sock is stretched across the end of the sleeve:

Next, position the sleeve with the opening up and the ropes back to each hand.  Place foot in opening:

Now, pull gently on the ropes while pointing your toe:

Keep pulling the ropes and the sleeve will slide its way up the back of your ankle:

One last little pull and the sleeve is out and perfect socking has occurred:

There is joy in Muddville! This little beauty works on both short and long socks and works perfect everytime.  It will allow my current sock assistant some time to do other tasks:

My many thanks to the creative soul who came up with this simple, yet ingenious, device. Now if we could only settle on what name to call it.


  1. Hurrah for gadgets and inventors of gadgets. Figured you would have designed something already. Great that you thought to ask the occupational therapist - but am surprised it wouldn't be a standard recommended help for people that can't bend.
    Anyway how about:
    "stock installer tool for those who can't bend at the waist" or "sock installer tool" for short?

  2. THAT IS AWESOME. I loved all your pictures demonstrating and I know this is such a HUGE thing for you to put on your own socks and not have to get Mom to do it. Love you daddy!!

  3. what a cool gadget!! I'm suprised they had not offered it to you before! This seems like somthing they would offer to pregnant women also who have trouble bending to the front! You are too funny Mr.E. I always find myself giggling at your blog posts!

  4. pretty cool! just wanted to let you know we played glow worm for the last two nights before bed time. the kids love it :)

  5. Now we're talking! That thing is awesome!!!! Love the step-by-step pictures, and I'm so glad you had those because I really wasn't sure how it was going to work just by looking at the thing :) It looks like a jump-rope!

    PS. When Mom's out of town, I'm going to hide your sock-thing-a-majig so that I still have to come over and put your socks on :) It was a guarantee of at least seeing you everyday!!!!

  6. I have decided on a name borrowed from Rowan and Martin's old Laugh-In TV show: Sock It To Me!!

  7. WOW! Brillant idea and I am so glad you have been introduced to this...and I think your have found the perfect name for it :)

  8. I took ages (at least an hour) to come up with Sock-easy but Sock It To Me is so much better! :D