Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We might have to head back to Cabo....

Linda and I love movies. They are a perfect escape and we love seeing them as a couple or with the  family.   We used to go to a movie about once a month on a date night, and with about the same frequency I would grab my son-in-law Jamie and son Nick and we would go hit a "guy movie". Unfortunately,  since I  am now only able to sit in a recliner, we have been restricted to having movie nights at home, viewing a Red Box rental, NetFlix or a re-run on cable. I am not complaining, but there is just something special about the cinema experience: extra buttery movie popcorn, the darkened theater, and the big screen. Leah recently reminded me of a fantastic seating arrangement we found on our family vacation to Cabo San Lucas in 2005. An 'executive theater' there had some very unique seating that only cost us $1.00 more per ticket. What a deal! I really wish there was one like this in Wake Forest:

The family enjoying the executive theater seating
That's right, 100% leather lazy-boy style recliners!!  So.....if we can't find a local cinema with seating like this, we might just have to head back to Cabo (Linda says she is ready! Problem is, we need these same seats on the airplane, and I KNOW that ain't happening any time soon. Oh well, we can always dream...)


  1. Man that was such a nice theater. I wish they made them like that here!! Count me in on a trip back to Cabo!

  2. that is so cool! I though we had something when the seats went back just a little! lol

  3. That was the coolest theatre! I loved that place and the movie! Wasn't it "Mr. and Mrs. Smith?" Anyway, count me in on a trip back :)