Friday, April 30, 2010

Prayers are Answered!

Though we enjoyed visiting Grandpa in the hospital...

...we sure are glad to have him HOME!

Our family has truly experienced the power of prayer! It was just last Thursday that we posted these prayer requests, and in one week Dad has accomplished more than we could've hoped for:

  • He completed 10 sessions of additional radiation on the tumor in his sacrum. This has helped ease his pain tremendoulsy in his sacrum and legs!
  • Last Friday, he stood with the help of a machine that is normally used to get people out of wheelchairs. (We are so thankful for Mike and that he brainstormed Dad's case on his time off, thinking outside the box!) Fortunately, there was no pain in Dad's legs when he stood and they were strong enough to support him!
  • On Monday, Mike brought the same machine and used it to help Dad get up and walking!

And by Wednesday, Mike had Dad getting up from the bed, walking, and then laying back down all by himself with just a walker!
So yesterday, they discharged Dad from the hospital after 31 days! Hallelujah!

Dad will have a Physical Therapist come to the house 3 days a week, but in between those visits he has exercises to do himself. And yesterday I just watched in amazement as he walked down the hallway every hour and then came and stood near the dinner table for supper! There's truly no place like home!

So, from our entire family, we thank you for your prayers. We are experiencing the power of prayer and are humbled beyond words!

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