Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More of Mother's Day!

Sunday morning I woke up to little Emery's smiling face!  Perfect way to start the real Mother's Day. Before I knew it, Kyle was busy making Monkey Bread, Leah was cutting up fruit for a delicious salad, and the bacon was on the griddle, so EZ, Mom and I got to play with Emery.

What would a visit with Grandpa be without a horsie ride!

Emery had such a great time playing with Grandpa. I love her laugh!

We had a delicious breakfast and then just hung out together while Emery took her morning nap.  Before we knew it, Leah and Kyle had to pack and head back to Georgia :-(. Of course we had to take a few more pictures before they started the long drive home.

Four generations of girls!

Sure do love this little cutie pie!
 What a wonderful Mother's Day weekend we had with our family.  Mom and I feel blessed indeed!


  1. What a special Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day to both of you!

  2. So glad we got to spend Mother's Day with y'all. Obviously, Em thoroughly enjoyed it too! Love you guys!

  3. What a special Mother's Day it was! Little Emery was so cute playing hide and seek with Grandpa. Her laugh is so infectious! Thanks Leah and Kyle for a fantastic Mothers Day breakfast. Never tire of monkey bread. Their time at the cabin passed all too quickly.

  4. I love that video!!! So wish we could've been there to enjoy the company... and the Monkey Bread :)