Thursday, May 24, 2012

Love Visits from Family!

Last weekend we had a wonderful time visiting with our niece, Sarah, and her family, who drove over from near Charlotte. It is so sweet to see the little cousins having such a great time with each other as they play, and the adults had a great time too. Here are Natalie, Addyson and Nathan sitting at the island showing us they want ice cream if they finish their dinner. Who doesn't love colored ice cream cones?

 Jaxon, David and Tara

Little Jaxon has to wear a "cranial band" for a few more weeks to help re-shape his head, due to the position he was in during the last weeks of Sarah's pregnancy. He looks like a rough and tumble football player (at 8 months, he weighs as much as Samuel who is two!).

After dinner, we headed outside. Uncle Nick becomes real popular with the kiddos when he volunteers to get his hammock out!

 Cousin Addyson!

Samuel says, "Hey Uncle Nick, what about me?"

 Tara and Sarah

 Gigi and Jaxon (great grandchild #9!)

Gotta love them in Carolina Blue! 

 Jaxon and his Daddy, David

Look what we found in our bluebird house! We are so excited to see these little ones hatch and be cared for by their mommy and daddy.

Gigi is known for her little jar of M&Ms, so here are her 5 little birdies being fed their treats!

Here are a few other special moments...Gigi reading a bedtime bible story, Grandpa reading, and Nick with Jaxon. Hated to see them leave, but always love the memories of special times with family!


  1. What could be better than a house full of family ... and especially... full of children! Looks like a super fun weekend!

  2. It was a super fun weekend, Larissa! We hadn't seen Sarah and family since Christmas, so I couldn't wait for them to get here. It brought such joy to my heart to see the cousins playing so well together and to watch Jaxon crawling for the first time. Oh how I love it when I get to watch my family enjoying being together! Thank you, Linda for posting this blog.

  3. We had such a great time!!! Love all these pictures and the memories that were made!

  4. So fun!! I can't wait to be closer to them... Addyson just fits right in with the Nats I love it!!