Thursday, March 28, 2013

Minnie in the House!

Emery and Samantha are certainly into Minnie these days. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song can be heard playing most mornings in both households, they have Minnie dresses, Minnie stuffed animals, Minnie books, Minnie socks, Minnie figurines, Minnie coloring books, Minnie hairbows...well you name it! Just had to share how cute our two youngest granddaughters are, all dressed up as Minnie (Natalie chose to be a lady tiger!)!

Made me think back to our last trip to Disney World in 2011 with both sets of much fun! What little one doesn't love Mickey and Minnie?


  1. Yep, lots of Minnie love in these households :) And boy, do they look so little in that picture from Disney?!? Wow!

  2. Lots of Minnie love in our homes!

  3. Not only do they wear the minnie outfits, but they all learned to SAY "Minnie" at an early age. The boys love their Mickeys too, and Samuel was known to carry his stuffed Mickey around whereever he went. Racoon has taken over, however. They all look so cute in their dress-up outfits, including Natalie as a tiger.