Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Few More Memories from 2012

After catching up on some pretty momentous events in the life of our family, I just had to look back at some of my favorite pics and memories from December of 2012. It certainly has been a year to remember...full of change, yet overflowing with much to be thankful for. EZ has remained in complete response with stable numbers and no M-spike, no fevers, hospitalizations or serious illnesses. He stays active, busy and makes sure to nap when exhausted. Three years since diagnosis and life is good!

Christmas morning at the Dews

Christmas dinner at our house

What's a holiday without Monkey Bread?

Nick getting creative with my Christmas gift

Homemade goodies for staff at Cancer Center for our December visit

Gift from Patti...homemade cheesecake all wrapped up in ribbon!

Two of my favorite ladies...Debbie and Kim, who did not plan to dress alike!

Christmas in Black Mountain with EZ's folks

Always time for a dance with his mom
Superman on his two wheeler balance bike
Sisters who love to dress alike these days
Batman ready to skateboard
Emery dressed up with mommy's beads for Christmas
Yes, Emery had to go to Urgent Care after sticking this bead up her nose!

Another Christmas dinner

Snuggles with Grandpa

Gigi and Nathan in a close game of Bingo!

Mother/daughter time

Ice cream cake from Leah and Kyle
Happy 6 years!
The Dew Crew
From sweet Natalie

37th Anniversary dinner

61st Birthday celebration - New Year's Eve

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy Monday! I so enjoyed looking through these December pictures! I love the shot of your Christmas
    Dinner, all nicely set with beautiful dishes, decor and several sippy cups! (So sweet!) Also, the picture of Mr. Ernie and his mom dancing is so precious! If you haven't already given her a copy of that, it would be beautiful blown up, and changed to black and white or sepia---- great Mothers Day gift! But you've probably already thought of that. :) have a great day! Love you!

    1. Wonderful idea Cynthia with blowing that picture up in black and white or sepia...I hadn't thought of that! Ernie grabs his mom every time we visit for a dance in the kitchen. So precious to me!

  2. Loved seeing all these pictures again-- Christmas feels like forever ago for some reason! Glad you are back blogging!

  3. Loved catching up with your favorite memories in December... Such sweet times!

  4. It was fun looking at the family pictures.... Nice family you have there..

    1. Thanks Steven. We sure do love our family, and we know you do yours as well!

  5. Thanking the Lord for another year of blessings.